Sesame Seeds

Pillars General Trading is the most trusted sesame seeds exporters in the market that upholds the standards of quality and purity. Sesame seeds have the highest oil content in comparison to other oil seeds used in the food industry. With its origin in East Africa, it is one of the most widely used oil seeds. They have a strong, nutty flavor which has made the seeds very popular in Japanese, Korean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Pillars General Trading as one of the most trusted sesame seeds exporters, offers various sesame seeds products. They are Sesame Seeds Hulled, Sundried, Sortexed and dried. These flavourful seeds can be used as a spice, can be consumed raw and their oil can be used for frying and general cooking purposes.
Sesame seed oil serves as an excellent salad oil and can be used to substitute olive oil. The seeds enhance the flavor of baked breads, cookies, candies and chocolates. Sesame seed flour is very rich in protein, making it a healthy option for consumption.