Why Choose Us

Pillar General Trading LLC (“PGT”) is established in Dubai in 2021. We are one of the leading automotive distributor for prominent automotive brands in passenger and commercial vehicles to budget and premium luxury vehicles. Well-known in sourcing and delivering various models of renowned brands across the globe to fulfill the diverse needs of our international customers, we take utmost care in understanding customer preferences and requirements to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.

Strong roots for strong future

Pillars General Trading is the ultimate matchmaker worldwide for importers and exporters utilizing established international distribution networks to receive the latest international trade needs worldwide. With agents offices and representatives all across the world could make all your importing & exporting transactions needs a snap.
Pillars General Trading is building its business by following a highly disciplined business model, value-enhancing trades and adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards.
We are operating in East Africa and Middle East. Our headquarter and warehouse is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
We Promise the Best price The quality of international products and services End to End Excellent Service.
We Promise the Best price.
End to End Excellent Service.
Pillars General Trading is one of the leading global trading organization, representing the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world.
We have the capability to execute orders of all sizes and have gained recognition as a good and reliable supplier.
Our company’s reputation is built on honesty, integrity, quality products & a service culture that is second to none.
We strive to be the most efficient and professional company, delivering prompt, efficient quality service and products, placing our customers first in all stages of the product and service delivery chain.


Become one of the top three leading vehicle distributors and trading company in the east Africa and UAE.


Work diligently to become the vehicle distributor of choice in all East Africa and United Arab Emirates market, supplementing sustainable development in each country. Adhere to the highest levels ethics and compliance whilst delivering value to the shareholders and partners with industry leading earnings.

Our Values

  • Quality without compromise
  • Customer Focus
  • Dedicated and qualified workforce

The strong accumulated business experience of the group, committed management, the culture of team-work in harmony and trust with government offices, the good relationship with financial institutions, the win-win approach we follow with partners, which creates visible change in SUZUKI market in Ethiopia, along with available knowledge on how to do business in UAE will bring remarkable result in UAE community market.

 Together we deliver products of superior value by focusing on the customer!

Business to Business Working Together

Our Competitive Values

  • 1

    The company works to ensure everyone with our immediate business network has access to the most basic necessities, abides by the safest and most hygienic work conditions, and receives the full support of our team and management.

  • 2

    Pillars General Trading diverse line of products is known for its superior quality and its low prices.

  • 3

    With a group of experienced employees, Pillars General Trading LLC believes in the power and importance of maintaining cultural diversity within our quarters.