Highly Experienced Islamic
Bankers & Sharia Scholars

Company Overview

ALDAR International For Sharia Compliance is made up of a team of highly experienced Islamic Bankersand Sharia Scholars, and set-up specifically to provide hands-on Islamic Finance advisory and consultancy services to local as well as abroad Financial Institutions and Corporates.
ALDAR have the distinction of advising on leading Sukuk transactions, turnkey solutions for establishment of key Islamic banks and financial institutions across the globe, product development innovation and many other syndication and bilateral transactions in addition to advisory to regulators and also helping organizations to develop human capacity in the field of Sharia compliance.

Our Vision

To make Aldar International the pioneer of Shariah advisory & Auditing firms for Islamic finance industry globally.


ان تكون الدار انترناشونال رائدة المكاتب في التدقيق الشرعي و الاستشارات للمؤسسات المالية الاسلامية

Our Mission


تقديم خدمات الاستشارات الشرعية للصناعة المالية الإسلامية لتحقيق التوافق مع أحكام الشريعة الإسلامية للمعاملات المالية، والصادرة من المجامع الفقهية الإسلامية ومنظمات وضع المعايير والهيئات الشرعية والجهات الرقابية، والقيام باجراءات المراجعة الشرعية للمعاملات التي تجنب المؤسسات فساد او بطلان عقود المعاملات وتطهرها من ذلك، وتضبط مسار الامتثال للاحكام الشرعية في الصناعة المالية الاسلامية، وذلك من قبل نخبة مختارة من العلماء والخبراء والمختصين في هذه المجالات

To provide Shariah consultancy services for The Islamic finance sector globally,

To achieve the compliance with Islamic Shariah rulings for financial transactions issued by Islamic jurisprudence academies, standards-setting organizations, Shariah and regulatory bodies,

To carry out Sharia auditing procedures for transactions to avoid corruption or invalidity of transaction contracts, and to purify them from that,

To control the path of compliance with Shariah provisions in The Islamic financial industry by the best of scholars, experts and specialists in Islamic Economics and finance.

Our Values

  • Honesty is our most vital product.
  • Transparency in sovereign, balanced and high quality Islamic financial consultations and Auditing.
  • Offering best Islamic financial solutions to attain our client’s objectives.
  • Restoring the Islamic Finance entity business history success towards a better performance and rich productivity.
  • Commitment to comply with principles and ethics of Shari’ah
  • Auditing and Shari’ah consultations work.
  • Assuring objectiveness in performance of duties within objectives and professionalism of our fields of work.
  • Maintaining our skills and capabilities through an innovative work environment.