Aldar is an international shairah compliance firm that serves companies, governments and financial institutions according to the shairah compliance principals, and standards.

Shariah Solution
For Financial Problems

Establishment of Islamic Financial Institutions, Transformation of Conventional Financial Institutions to the Islamic Financial System.

Developing & Reviewing Financial Products & Instruments.

Shari’ah Reviewing or auditing is an independent assurance engagement to provide reasonable assurance ..

Assessment of Shari’ah Compliance

External & Internal Shari’a Audit, Accreditation of Product Structures, Automated Systems, Corporate Governance, Policies & Procedures.

Shari’ah Governance Creation

Shariah’s governance is an important framework that promotes accountability and transparency.

Islamic Sukuk Advisory

Structuring Sukuk, Structuring Islamic REITs, Zakat Calculation, Stock Lists & Indices Review.

Islamic Financial Advisory

Establishment of Islamic Windows in Conventional Institutions & Creating Policies & Instruments.

Our Purpose Is to Deliver Excellence In Islamic Finance Advisory Services & Execution

Project based strategy of all focus areas to produce quality and reach your business target with Islamic Concepts.
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A one-stop solution provider, pioneer in the provision of holistic and cutting-edge advisory and consulting services.

Aldar will engage with new entities and be briefed on their idea in producing a Shariah-compliant product or new initiative. Aldar’s first question will always be, “What is the economic effect you are looking to achieve?” and we will work backwards from there.
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